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Philosophy & Practice


Philosophy & practice

Our philosophy centers around affordability + sustainability + design.  Ojai Tiny Home is centered on a multi-leveled aesthetic of simplicity, infused with the tangible proactive dynamic of inspiration.  Practical nuts and bolts implementation of the dream is the inner workings of each piece and each direct communication with the most important component of the process: our client.  We constantly strive to source from local fallen reclaimed wood, green and sustainably harvested non-toxic materials and products with an eye to fall within constantly reasonable prices.  We hand pick each player in the collaboration and each single piece of material.  We build with trusted reliable local labor and choice high level artisans in whom we believe.  Our business practices and work ethic are scrupulous and fundamentally inline with the ethos of our rigorous standards for the finished product with the innate overall respect that goes with creating what is truly 'handmade'.




poco farm tiny home

Fit for one, but spacious enough for two, the Poco Farm tiny home was designed for a family friend and farm hand. It has a morning sunlit queen size bed loft, tucked in high closet, custom appointed wooden kitchen, surrounding deck, naturally aging coped cedar shingle siding.










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